Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring in a restaurant in Massachusetts

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Are you considering protective solutions for your concrete surfaces or floors? If so, you’ve probably heard about flooring systems like epoxy, urethane, and polished concrete flooring. Like many property owners in your position, you may want to know more about these options before committing.

Fortunately, our team at TopCoat Services has the answers you need to make an informed decision. As an expert concrete flooring solutions company, we provide professional concrete polishing and other services in Massachusetts.

In this blog, we take a look at polished concrete options as well as the top advantages and benefits of choosing polished concrete.

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What Is a Polished Concrete Floor?

Polished concrete refers to an ordinary concrete surface that professional flooring companies grind, sand, and hone using specialized equipment and abrasive bonding agents. Experts can perform this process on existing concrete surfaces and new and cured concrete floors.

The polishing process changes the composition of the concrete floor’s surface, making it denser and more reflective. These changes improve water resistance, appearance, and other factors without using toxic or hazardous chemicals and with significant savings compared to other floor coverings or floor systems.

Polished concrete is an eye catching flooring solution.

Alt Text: Polished concrete is an eyecatching flooring solution.

Top Advantages of Polished Concrete Surfaces and Flooring

If you’re considering polished concrete flooring for your garage, commercial kitchen, warehouse, or other space, you’ve made an excellent choice. Consider the advantages of polished concrete flooring below as proof.

Improved Durability

First, polished concrete floors offer improved impact and abrasion resistance compared to ordinary unpolished concrete. The dense upper layer provides increased protection from heavy machinery, chips, dings, and dents caused by day-to-day activity or heavy foot traffic.

Stain Resistance

In addition to increased strength, polished concrete floors also offer better stain resistance than bare concrete floors. The polishing effect makes the surface of the concrete slab or floor less porous, allowing it to repel water, harmful volatile organic compounds, and other potentially staining materials.

Affordable Pricing

Compared to other flooring materials, polished concrete flooring come with more affordable pricing. Property owners can polish an entire floor for a fraction of the cost of epoxy or urethane concrete coatings. This low price tag makes a polished concrete floor a budget-friendly solution for those needing large-scale commercial polished flooring.


Polished concrete flooring may be somewhat less customizable than epoxy or urethane flooring solutions, but this method of protecting concrete does allow for some cosmetic creativity. Using concrete dyes before polishing can give the concrete floor a unique coloring.

Additionally, polishing doesn’t mean you have to commit to a finish with a high shine. Choose a matte result to get a denser, protected concrete surface without high reflectivity.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Next, a polished concrete flooring solution has fewer cleaning and maintenance needs than unfinished concrete flooring options. Remove stains and spills without the need for aggressive scrubbing. With fewer overall damages, stains, and other issues, polished concrete floors cut down on energy and maintenance costs such as patching, repairing, or resurfacing.

Clean Aesthetics

Finally, another great benefit of choosing polished concrete flooring includes giving a residential or commercial space a clean look and feel. The high-gloss finish boosts reflectivity and ambient lighting without creating a slippery floor.

Among standard concrete flooring systems, a polished concrete flooring system offers boosted aesthetics and property value, reduced tire wear on private and commercial equipment, and much more. Learn more about what leed-friendly polished concrete can do for your home or business by scheduling your consultation today.

Alt text: Clean aesthetics of polished concrete floors

How Polishing Concrete Floors Works

Concrete polishing doesn’t have to be a hassle. By working with TopCoat Services, you get professional customer service and expert results every time.

After you schedule your consultation with our team, we provide detailed estimates, including labor, materials, and other details. Once we agree on project parameters, our team gets to work with specialized equipment and materials, finishing your polished concrete floor in as little as one visit in most circumstances.

Get Professional Polished Concrete Floors in Massachusetts

Whether you need to repair an existing concrete floor or want the best finishing options for new construction, you deserve to work with the best team available. At TopCoat Services, our team works hard to provide high-quality customer service, fast project turnarounds, and unbeatable results.Learn more about our team and flooring solutions like concrete polishing, epoxy, and more by reaching out to our team directly. Schedule your consultation with TopCoat Services by calling 774-292-4865 today or contacting us online.

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