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With 30 years of experience, we specialize in a cost-effective approach to your project with regard to the scope of work, budget, schedule, and the safe execution of your vision. Whether it be your home, commercial property, or industrial complex, we can help specify the right system for the best results to enhance, beautify and protect your investment.

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hotels and hospitals flooring


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Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring
Meeting the demanding needs of a epoxy commercial kitchen flooring provides a long-lasting, durable surface for the high traffic of foodservice. Epoxy flooring is watertight, stain and spill-resistant, and can withstand the constant wear of restaurant work. The surface is also slip-resistant, providing a safe environment for bustling workers.

A Wide Range of Flooring Capabilities
Including Municipal, Industrial, Healthcare, and Other Commercial Flooring Installation. Professional installation teams prepare and install both commercial and residential flooring. Resinous epoxy flooring, polished and stained concrete, and cementitious urethane flooring provide enduring, permanent hard surface materials for high-quality performance and a beautiful finish.

Commercial And Residential
We offer permanent flooring solutions for all applications in both commercial enterprises and residential settings. Beautiful finishing options provide great aesthetics while maintaining long-lasting durability and professional performance. Resinous epoxy, polished and stained concrete, and cementitious urethane options available.

Concrete Repairs
Our industrial team can perform repairs on all levels of concrete, from foundational and structural issues to surface and top layer damage. Quality repairs and professional surface preparations restore structural integrity to all critical areas of the concrete prior to applying a finished flooring option.

Decorative Concrete
Decorative concrete provides a beautiful, shiny finish filled with ground aggregates and integral stained epoxy. The surface is carefully ground using industrial diamonds and then mixed into the polished glossy finish to create a durable, permanent, beautiful surface. Various levels of aggregate, color selections, and polishing options make decorative concrete a versatile choice.

Epoxy Coating
Epoxy coating is the process of covering a floor with a beautiful, durable glaze of an industrial-strength finish. Each floor is carefully prepared and a seamless, watertight surface is installed. The epoxy coating is non-porous, unaffected by chemicals, and is also slip-resistant for foot traffic. Epoxy flooring is available in both commercial and residential options and various designs.

Grinding And Polishing
Industrial quality machinery is used to grind and polish surfaces in preparation for the installation of flooring. These dustless, diamond-based grinders remove all foreign objects from the base of the floor including all paint, glue, and epoxies, leaving the surface smooth and clean for the new flooring to be installed.

Residential Flooring
Decorative flooring options provide residential facilities with beautifully designed, glossy finished flooring. Multiple color options and customizable finishes allow for a unique, long-lasting solution to any residential area. Epoxy floors are waterproof, spill and stain-resistant, and have a durable non-slip surface for safety and functionality.

Flooring Solutions for Restaurants
Epoxy flooring provides both beautiful aesthetic designs for serving and dining areas and durable, long-lasting versions for high traffic kitchen and preparation areas. Decorative epoxy coating creates glossy, unique flooring solutions for all types of seating areas, plus the non-slip surface is perfect for the high demands of food service workers.

Retail Flooring
The versatility of epoxy coating and polished concrete makes them perfect options for high-caliber retail environments. Decorative inlay options and color choices can combine to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind retail environment for any type of product. The tough, wear-resistant nature of the materials means your investment will last for the long term.

Automotive and Service Bay Flooring
Automotive repair facilities and service bays require flooring prepared for extreme conditions. Heavy vehicles, large equipment, floor jacks, and hand tools can all take their toll on inferior floor designs. Epoxy coating or finished concrete flooring provide durable, impact-resistant surfaces that are perfectly suited to automotive service.

Showroom Flooring
Decorative concrete with aggregate epoxy overlays create a truly outstanding, unique and professional floor for any type of showroom. By choosing a specific color scheme and decorative inlay design, your showroom can be a one-of-a-kind delight to everyone who visits it. Plus the long-lasting finish resists slipping and is waterproof, eliminating stains and other blemishes.

Hospital Flooring
Hospital flooring requirements are extreme, making epoxy flooring perfect for the job. Wear resistant for the high traffic expectations of health care professionals, the durable surface also resists slippage for critical safety requirements. The non-porous surface rejects moisture, spills, mold and bacteria, making it one of the best options for a healthy hospital environment.

Cafeteria Flooring
With a mixture of customer traffic and food service workers scurrying around the dining area, a cafeteria needs a strong, long-lasting surface that doesn’t age or wear easily. Epoxy flooring provides a clean, waterproof non-slip surface perfect for the many demands of a cafeteria. By investing in a permanent flooring solution, your facility is good to go and ready to serve the public for many years.

Industrial Commercial Flooring Solutions
Industrial environments require some of the most demanding expectations from their flooring. Heavy manufacturing equipment, bulk construction materials, forklifts, and material transports all take their toll on their environments. Epoxy flooring provides the tough, long-lasting durability to withstand the demands and keep the facility operating at its peak.

Warehouse Flooring
Warehouse environments are especially tough on floors. Huge shelf racks, industrial forklifts and materials moving equipment, extreme cold, and excessive heat can cause average flooring to fail. Epoxy coating and polished concrete can provide a warehouse environment with long-lasting durable flooring solutions, with non-slip safety and waterproof convenience.

Manufacturing Facility Flooring
Manufacturing facilities can include heavy, vibrating equipment, large bulky materials, coarse crude resources, and any number of transport and tool options. Epoxy or processed concrete flooring is perfect for these difficult environments, and hold up to the demands of manufacturing processes for the long term investment.

Aircraft Hanger Flooring
Epoxy coating offers a seamless, consistently smooth flooring solution for the demanding needs of an aircraft hangar. Excess weight, precision equipment, and numerous vehicles pose no problem to these industrial-strength floors. Slip-resistant surfaces help create a safe environment for workers as well as complete control of precision aircraft maneuvering.

School Flooring
Epoxy coating and stained concrete are both excellent choices for the high demands of any type of school facility. The non-slip surfaces are perfect for the constant foot traffic, and the long-term durability keeps the floors fresh and functional for many years to come. Decorative options create unique, beautiful surfaces that inspire students and staff alike.

Pharmaceutical Plant Flooring
Pharmaceutical plants present many stringent, specific requirements for flooring options. Epoxy coating and processed concrete flooring are two especially appropriate choices. They are designed to provide hard, non-porous surfaces, resisting any kind of contaminants, and allowing for the cleanest environments possible. Reliable durability keeps the smooth, glossy look intact for the long term.

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