Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Stunning and Durable Floors with High-Performance Metallic Epoxy Coating

If you’re looking for beautiful and stunning floors that can withstand the toughest conditions, then high-performance metallic epoxy flooring is the way to go. With a very high solids count, this flooring is exceptionally durable and able to resist oil, salt, chemicals, acids, water, and wear.  Choose metallic epoxy flooring installed by TopCoat Services for your next project and enjoy its beauty and durability for years to come.

Epoxy Flooring

Spectacular Metallic Epoxy Flooring Systems – Commercial and Residential

Our metallic flooring systems incorporate automotive-grade metallic pigments suspended within high-performance, water-clear epoxy and polyaspartic coatings to create a breathtaking finish. This unique floor system can be customized to fit any setting and is a perfect choice for commercial environments and retail showrooms. With decorative metallic flooring, your customers will remember your space for its stunning one-of-a-kind look.

Metallic epoxy flooring isn’t just for the commercial space – it is now trending in the residential space as well. Transform your garage or basement and boost your home’s value with our customizable metallic epoxy floor coatings. Choose from a range of single or multiple metallic colors to achieve the desired finish. Our system is topped off with TopCoat Services premium high-performance urethane topcoat that guarantees a long-lasting finish. Upgrade your home with us today!

Metallic epoxy flooring is installed by a TopCoat professional

The Installation Process

With metallic epoxy flooring, the possibilities for creativity are endless. Once applied, the floor can be modified using either mechanical or chemical methods to produce stunning decorative effects. You can even add more colors to accentuate the floor’s look.

After curing, the metallic epoxy coat is sanded and then topped with one of our high-performance urethane topcoats, available in a glossy or satin finish. This provides a durable wear surface and improved traction.

However, keep in mind that the final finish largely depends on the installer’s artistic ability and experience. Lighting in the space also has a significant impact on the visible color spectrum of the coating. Trust us to give you the stunning metallic epoxy floor you’ve been dreaming of.

Revamp Your Space with Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The first thing guests, customers, and clients notice when entering your property are your floors. Make a stunning first impression with TopCoat Services’ state-of-the-art metallic epoxy flooring solutions. Our team of experts can help keep your commercial or residential space clean, professional-looking, and well-maintained.

Our durable metallic epoxy flooring solutions are perfect for high-traffic areas that require longevity without sacrificing style. This cutting-edge style is not only visually appealing but also offer the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Extreme durability
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance for high-traffic areas
  • Slip-resistance
  • Customization
  • Decorative finishes

Our metallic epoxy flooring is perfect for spaces that require a long-lasting, well-maintained appearance. Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful and functional floor – trust the experts at TopCoat Services to transform your property’s first impression.

A highrise building lobby shines with metallic epoxy flooring from TopCoat Services.

Topcoat Services: The Experts in High-Performance Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, Topcoat Services is your go-to source for top-notch epoxy and polished concrete flooring. Our team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge in both engineering and installation of these floor coatings and systems.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to request your free consultation and quote today. When it comes to high-quality flooring solutions, Topcoat Services has got you covered.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring FAQs

Looking for a way to give your home a luxurious upgrade? Look no further than metallic epoxy flooring. This stunning option not only adds a high-end look to your spaces but is also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Plus, it's stain-resistant, so you can enjoy a beautiful floor without worrying about messes. With proper maintenance, the pearlescent finish will last for years. Give your home the upgrade it deserves with metallic epoxy flooring.

Metallic epoxy flooring is incredibly durable, able to resist scratches, scuffs, and stains with just basic cleaning. Plus, with a range of colors to choose from, you can find the perfect shade to match your home or business.

However, it's important to note that over time, the epoxy coating may develop a yellow tint. To avoid this, our TopCoat professionals recommend using urethane with UV-resistant properties. Trust us to help your metallic epoxy floors maintain their vibrant color and shine for years to come.

Our metallic epoxy flooring can transform any space in as little as 24 hours, depending on the size of the area. Just be sure to allow a day or two before walking on the floors or moving furniture back in.

While metallic epoxy floors require some extra time to install and cure due to the multiple coats needed to achieve complex visual effects such as swirls, ripples, craters, and other three-dimensional effects, you can expect the process to only take 4-5 days.

The best part? Our commercial-grade metallic epoxy coatings are designed for use in a wide temperature range, meaning they can be installed year-round. So why wait? Give your floors the makeover they deserve today!

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