Our durable high-performance resinous coatings are available in decorative and industrial finishes. Utilizing the proper materials for each environment, and over 30 years of Epoxy Flooring experience we are ready to complete any project large or small. The finish of an epoxy floor will leave you with a seamless, water-tight floor that is designed to withstand high-traffic, be resistant to chemicals and slip resistant to foot traffic. We offer both commercial and residential applications to fulfill a wide spectrum of needs.

resinous flooring

Resinous Flooring Options

What type of resinous flooring solution are you looking for?
office building- industrial resin flooring


Our industrial resinous flooring options are suitable for hospitals, showrooms, automotive and service bays, warehouses, etc.

uses- commercial kitchen cementitious urethane


Our decorative resinous flooring options are suitable for classrooms, cafeterias, restaurants, locker rooms, hospitals, etc.

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