Polished Concrete Flooring Plymouth, MA

At Topcoat Services USA, our three decades of experience and exceptional craftsmanship ensure that clients receive the highest-quality polished concrete flooring services in Plymouth. Our local family business proudly serves residential and commercial customers alike with impeccable professionalism while upholding a stellar reputation built on great customer reviews. Read our reviews and find out why we’re so beloved by those looking for Plymouth Flooring Company solutions—choose us today!

Why Polished Concrete?

Transform the look and feel of your Plymouth property with our cutting-edge polished concrete flooring system! Our advanced process uses industrial hardeners and diamonds to give a long lasting, gleaming finish that you won’t be able to resist. Show off this sparkling result – one which will have impress all who pass through – while enjoying minimal maintenance needs as it stands up against wear & tear. Embellish every step taken in style on this reliable aesthetic masterpiece!

With weather  conditions in Plymouth being so extreme at times, upgrading to a polished concrete flooring system can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved visual appeal
  • Superior durability and stronger than traditional materials
  • Resistance to stains and cracks
  • Less dust and debris

Discover the exceptional outcomes of our projects! From satisfied homeowners to delighted business owners, explore how we’ve transformed homes and businesses with our work in our gallery.

Polished Concrete Plymouth, MA

TopCoat Services USA is your go-to source for transforming any space into something unique. Whether you’re a business looking to spruce up the office or a homeowner keen on infusing their living area with personality and style, our polished concrete floors are an ideal option that boast stunning visuals and ample versatility. Let us help bring your vision to life!

Generally speaking, polished concrete floor systems come in three primary types:

  • Paste Polish: This process involves light polishing on the floor’s outer surface, removing only minimal concrete material.  
  • Fine or Sand Aggregate: Aggregate polishing involves grinding the floor’s surface until we remove the “cap,” exposing fine sand particles, which we then polish and hone to a bright shine.
  • Total Exposure: With full exposure, we grind all the way down until we reveal the large aggregate particles beneath the surface, which we polish and finish.  


Here is a brief rundown of the available finishes we can provide with our polished concrete flooring:

  • Cream: With a cream finish, there’s minimal exposure of the aggregate beyond tiny sand particles.
  • Salt & Pepper: A salt and pepper finish only reveals a few little-to-medium aggregate particles in random locations on the floor.  
  • Medium Aggregate: We also offer a medium aggregate finish, randomly exposing 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch particles.  
  • Large Aggregate: The most dynamic finish is large aggregate, which reveals 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch particles with minimal fine aggregate exposure.

Professional Polished Concrete Company in Plymouth, MA: TopCoat Services USA

When you need flooring solutions for your home or business in Plymouth, MA – don’t settle for less than the best. Instead, choose the premier polished concrete company in Plymouth,MA: TopCoat Services USA. With over three decades of experience in the flooring industry, we provide a level of professionalism, quality, and skill unmatched by any other contractor.

If you’re considering an upgrade to polished concrete, we promise you’ll be thrilled with your investment. Polished concrete is strong, durable, stain-resistant, low-maintenance, and highly versatile.Contact TopCoat Services USA today to request a quote with the top-rated company for polished concrete flooring in Plymouth, MA.

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